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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Moraito Chico por Bulerías.

Dogs disrupting the seabed.

The invisible wife is back again...polishing the plaster lion that the Russian boyfriend placed on Henry's gatepost a few months ago. This is really depressing.
Discovering new tricks in Adobe illustrator. Birds are singing. Tree lily has emerged from flowerpot. Carrots are growing feathers. Many very excited, small children with large buckets on the beach.
Shut-Eye Street will be filling up with the French contingent next week.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saturday, 14 April 2012

False alarm

So, Spain open as usual after easter. Arrived at guitar class to find Jordi trying to switch the building's alarm system off...which turns out to be impossible. Sit down to start class and his mobile phone rings. Head of music school ringing to find out if the alarm is still ringing. Mobile phone gets cut off. Mobile phone rings again. Head of school ringing back to see if alarm is still ringing (it is). Class starts again. Door bursts open and two six foot eight uniformed policemen barge in.
"Sorry," says Jordi, "can't turn the fooking alarm off."
"Fook," say the policemen.
"Do you know how to turn it off?" asks Jordi.
"Fooked if we know," the policemen answer. "No trouble here then?"
"No," Jordi replies.
"Oh hey," The taller of the two tall policemen says as he peers at the music stand..."Astor Piazzolla...Ausencias...Isn't Piazzolla fantastic!"
"Yes," Jordi agrees..."Erm...the alarm?"
"Sorry," the policemen burble into their radios as they leave. "Shall we shut the door to the street as we leave?"

Thursday, 5 April 2012

I can't spell either

Always check for spelling before finishing...

The unbearableness of being beautiful

If you use the decorative banners and seals in Adobe illustrator as a "brush" you get all sorts of crazy shapes.
I would like to have the white dog with curly tail living here. I am always astonished when a drawing clip-clops out of my electronic pen and I want to make friends with it. It doesn't happen often but I really want that little, white dog.