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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Special effects.

Getting quite used to the gentle click-clicking blue glow lighting up the door to the porch. It matches the ambilight of the television where we are watching "Troll hunter". The police are back next door and as it is twenty degrees our door is open too. The invisible wife (or Madame Ho, depending on how angry I am at the world) is whispering sweet placations to the police car. Where is Henry? Where is Rover? Rover barks all day when he is at home.
Finally, they leave. Good, because the film is actually unexpectedly good.
Thirty seconds after police leave Rover roars into life and Henry is shouting "Raus" (his theme tune) in the background.

The sun-worshippers are arriving. Cycling like a demon along the beach this morning I see hoardes of ladies the colour of Bimbo bags and with diamond-studded dark glasses. They travel in packs and wear beige, gold and pink. You can smell the coconut oil from fifty metres.

The above is Adobe Illustrator where I am learning new tricks.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Mechanical light

Shopping in a Dutch supermarket can be tricky. I came home with a large bag of beautiful, shining, tiny bulbs and spent all afternoon planting them around the garden. Then I looked up "Red Karmen" in an online dictionary. Anyone need  a sackful of red onions in a few months just let me know.

Henry's invisible wife has definitely moved back in next door with Henry and brought her Russian boyfriend. He is even more paranoid than the invisible wife. Every time I leave or come back home there is a batman- blur moment as he dives for cover behind the gate or the curtains (depending on whether he is inside or out).

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Star Coffee

I just read that a big coffeehouse chain is encouraging customers to give their names so staff can call out to them individually when their order is ready. It's never going to work...and this drawing is my polite version.

Look behind you

So, I'm walking around the corner and I see a police patrol car edging slowly down Shut-Eye Street. It comes to a stop outside Henry's house (a common fact). There is a young policeman driving and by his side a new and glamourous police lady. The policeman points to Henry's house and the police lady leans over in her seat to take a good look at Henry's house. Then they both burst into howls of laughter and drive off.

1. Are they laughing because Henry is now sharing his house with ex-wife and her new Russian boyfriend?
2.Are they laughing because Henry has a vodka still in his garage and they have a cunning plan to confiscate it?
3. Are they laughing because the policeman wants a date with the police lady and he is showing her what a terrific sense of humour he has?

Sunday, 11 March 2012


Playing with pasting and pasting into. If I can remember how I did this I will  be quite pleased.but I have to go...Alice who used to be Frank is coming later for supper and I am making a steak and kidney pie without the kidneys.
Oh joy, new neighbours next to Henry. Aficionados of the song of flamenco, well, the Benny Hill version. Their voices ring loud and clear over "Voz" and "Sons of Voz" on the other side. They may as well go in for the Eurovision contest. They would beat the Finnish grannies.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

watch yer aura

I know the gag for this cartoon but I am having technical difficulties in the brain this afternoon. Photoshop and Manga studio are obviously affected by sun storms... or me?
 Maybe I can get it finished tomorrow?
Cameras charged up just in case they sky does something tonight. Listening to birds singing in a forest on iTunes  and if you put the headphones on it's just like being in a forest. Quite convenient for when all the streetdogs start their barking matches...which will be any minute now because school's out.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012