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Monday, 20 February 2012

Red sky in the morning

Ouf! Blimey...Fact no. 1)  Did you know that when it's minus twenty three outside your specs snap in half in your coat pocket? And now I know why all those ads recommend having a spare pair...which I don't...and the spec shop is shut because it is Carnival here in Spain. But my specs broke on the other side of the planet...just before the fourth of six plane flights. Fact no 2). When it is minus twenty three outside your nose crackles when you breathe and your face goes numb after six minutes.
Fact no 3) Why, when I name my latest creation "Wildwood" do I discover that someone else who I have never heard of has done exactly the same thing?
Fact no 4) Super glue nor sellotape fix broken specs.


Rog said...

Fact 5: It never falls below +10deg C in Spain - I've watched Benidorm.

Fact 6: Paul Weller's Wildwood is rubbish.

Fact 7: Always check superglue is dry before replacing spectavles back on nose.

Lo said...

Rosie....I have found you. Wha' hoppen? Where did Spotty Dog go? Why didn't you tell me?

Are you OK? So glad to have you back.

Rosie said...

Rog: Yes, but no but...I'm talking about Toronto...

Lo:Spotty Dog got bombarded by Googlebots every five minutes so I deleted it. I thought you knew I was here. Glad to see you as always!

mig bardsley said...

Elastoplast does though. Tricky stuff to apply but once done very reliable. Oh and steri-strips are worth a try too.
But I expect it's a bit late for all that now.
Regarding fact 7, they won't come off in your sleep i you apply them directly after superglueing.

Rosie said...

mig: masking tape seems to be working fairly well. Good job I don't have superglue around.

Christopher said...

Monocles. (Two of them, of course, so no winking.) Or a lorgnette. Could this be you?

Rosie said...

people would mistake me for Patrick Moore.