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Sunday, 17 February 2013

In the chimney

True as I'm standing here.


Jess said...

Brilliant picture story! The bit with your mum is funny, my mum used to say "I've been on my hands and knees slaving all day...." I make it my mission never to say that to my children! ;)

Z said...

There was a monster waiting to grab my ankle at the floor-height window on the half landing on the staircase to my room. I never told anyone, I just ran very fast past it. I feel I should apologise on behalf of all unsympathetic parents.

Lo said...

Walked to school in the dark?????
I need an explanation, Rosie.

Rosie said...

jess :Did your mum let you help yourself from the fridge?

Z: I think there were monsters everywhere...probably still here..but I only hear them when I am alone!

Lo:I grew up in Scotland. It was always dark in the winter but the summers were great. Birdsong at three in the morning.

mig said...

Mine was in the toilet. An unsavoury terror.

Rosie said...

mig: How wierd. There was a man with a leopard-skin cape who lived down ours. What did your toilet ghost look like?