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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Son of Son of


Bubby said...

Ewww, I looked up mealy pudding and it took me to an article about white pudding on wikipedia and it sounds absolutely disgusting!! Why do most Scottish recipes revolve around brains and oats stuffed inside of intestines?!
Please advise Mr. Mealy Pudding to do violence on my noisy neighbours!

Rosie said...

Bubby:Ha, ha eeeww. Sonofsonof Great Mealy Puddin' is flying through the air with Madam Ho under one arm. Your neighbours beware.
Haggis is good...but it can't fly like mealy puddins

ElizT said...

Scorts brorth wi barley and neeps is more nauseating for me but my mother made marvellous oatcakes.
Do sandfookers hide in the chimney too?

Rosie said...

Eliz: I couldn't possibly tell where the sandfookers live. them.