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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Scarborough Fair performed by George Sakellariou


Jess said...

I really want to sit and listen to this but there's never a time I'm able to. The family have the TV on constantly and there's no web signal anywhere else in the house! I shall have to wait until the commotion dies down. :) Happy christmas, hope you have a wonderful time!
Jess xx

cartoonage said...

that is about the most beautiful rendition of scarborough fair I ever saw and heard , Rozanne.
Oh, by the way, you were right about the time my lamp would be finished.
I wish you merry x-mas days and a happy new year , Elie

Rosie said...

Jess; The television is blasting here too. Please stop Nigella Lawson and Strictly dancing!!!!
Happy Christmas to you. Maybe it will snow?

Rosie said...

Elie: I thought the same about that version. day I will buy a lamp, promise!