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Sunday, 9 August 2015


cartoonage said...

Nice ones! I recently purchased a wacom cintiq hybrid ! Must say I am sure you would enjoy it too, that for sure, Rozanne! Mine is a " refurbished" one , but seemed new to me. € 750 fully waranted. Very good tool. Greets, Elie

Rosie said...

Oooh! The Rolls Royce of drawing boards. Where does one find refurbished tablets? I recently got a mac which I love. I´m still planning on buying a lamp one day.

cartoonage said...

Rosie, here is the link to wacom used / refurbished tablets. Those I looked weren´t available anymore , but the stock is always changing. Buying from Wacom means you have 2 years full warranty on refurbished tablets. Another option is ebay, but here you never know what you get and returns are often not accepted, while Wacom accepts returns within 2 months .
Even new for a bit less than 1000€ I would consider the hybrid version ( less weight,
no noise from vent ) as preferable. So does my son who is a professional animator.
For 5 bucks you buy a simple but very efficient animation app, very easy to cope with,
( named rough animator ).


Planning on buying a lamp? from me ...? Good idea ! don´t you do stained glass as well ? I thought so...