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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Don't look behind you.

The creepy plastic Santa Claus are sprouting from the walls of houses and last night I dreamed of Manderley. No, I didn't...but I did dream about an impressive alien, ariel, military invasion amongst a star-studded sky. Full technicolour but oddly no soundtrack.
Time to start making peroghies...I never could spell that.


Rog said...

Like this?

Rosie said...

Rebecca the musical?? They should do a musical of "The Broons".

letouttoplay said...

Next door's house will start flashing any minute but fortunately they are old like us and turn the lights off at night unlike the people at number seven.

But what are peroghies?

Rosie said...

letout:Once you have made some you will never look back. I have left you instructions, ha, ha.