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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Special effects.

Getting quite used to the gentle click-clicking blue glow lighting up the door to the porch. It matches the ambilight of the television where we are watching "Troll hunter". The police are back next door and as it is twenty degrees our door is open too. The invisible wife (or Madame Ho, depending on how angry I am at the world) is whispering sweet placations to the police car. Where is Henry? Where is Rover? Rover barks all day when he is at home.
Finally, they leave. Good, because the film is actually unexpectedly good.
Thirty seconds after police leave Rover roars into life and Henry is shouting "Raus" (his theme tune) in the background.

The sun-worshippers are arriving. Cycling like a demon along the beach this morning I see hoardes of ladies the colour of Bimbo bags and with diamond-studded dark glasses. They travel in packs and wear beige, gold and pink. You can smell the coconut oil from fifty metres.

The above is Adobe Illustrator where I am learning new tricks.


mig bardsley said...

Marvellous tricks! I really love the helpless fury on at east one of those faces!

Lo said...

Great post.....I can smell the coconut oil.

What does "Rous" mean?

Have you considered moving?

Rosie said...

mig: It's little sis, ha, ha.

Lo:Henry is German so he is shouting "Raus" far as I knbow it means..."get out!" I have thought about moving but there are humans everywhere.