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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Star Coffee

I just read that a big coffeehouse chain is encouraging customers to give their names so staff can call out to them individually when their order is ready. It's never going to work...and this drawing is my polite version.


Rog said...

Heard a great piece about this on "The Now Show". John Holmes said he was in a Starbucks and when the person at the front was asked their name by staff, someone near the back shouted "Don't tell 'im, Pike!".

Very British!

Rosie said...

Ha, ha!
Funnily enough John Le Mesurier's sister used to teach Scottish country dancing at the school I went to. The classes were in an old Nissan hut and she always had a crystal tumbler of whiskey and a cigarette in her hand. Can't imagine teachers behaving like that now. Not in school time anyway.

Lo said... you are....I have been worried about you. What happened to Spotty Dog?

Love, Lo

mig bardsley said...

It's bad enough having complete strangers asking my name so they can be all chummy when they're trying to sell me something over the phone without having them shouting it out all over the place in town! And they'd certainly get it wrong.

Rosie said...

Lo:Spotty dog got googlebotted to bits. This is where I am now. Great to hear from you.

Mig:Nobody can pronounce my name here . It's been years since I heard my real name.

Christopher said...

Erm...your drawing suggests your brother is a barista - this can't be true, can it?

Rosie said...

Big Bro certainly is a barista but only on Saturdays.