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Friday, 11 November 2011


Henry has roared off in his hoochmobile. The Reiki Mistress and her husband are back after a week huddled under stormclouds in France. Their cat managed to stay alive despite refusing to eat most of that time. Spring bulbs popping up everywhere. Something about this time of year...if I were a bicycle tire I would be flat.

Full moon, auspicious date, Rememberance Day. My grandfather flew in both World Wars having joined the RFC at eighteen. He was member number 15.


Purpletreebird said...

Quite an auspicious time isn't it? I wish I knew the details about my own father in the war. He died too young. Luckily for me he did survive the war ohterwise I wouldn't be here wrting this but I've love to know which destroyer ship he was on.
Jess x

Rosie said...

Jess: You could probably find out by visiting the Navy website. My father was guarding prisoners of war in the Alps. Amazing stories...