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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Lady with tea-cosy

I knew this lady years ago. She was a shepherdess, and used to wear a tea-cosy on her head and amazing silk gowns that a Spanish Ambassador gave her from his travels. Her husband looked after his country abode. Years later, this lady and her husband are now millionaires...due to the national lottery. The Ambassador is no longer in this world.
The two people in the film are nobody at all, I'm just playing in Adobe Illustrator...and now I am off to watch "Doctors" one and only favourite soap. I's SHOCKING.


Rog said...

That used to be the definition of an intellectual. Someone who could be left alone in a room with a tea cosy and NOT put it on their head.

ElizT said...

Tea cosies, so much a part of my childhood, remind me of a later afternoon tea on the large lawn of a neighbour. The teapot came out of one of those elegant boxes, with made-to-fit, beautifully lined compartments.

letouttoplay said...

But does she still wear a tea cosy? However much one might pretend winning the lottery wouldn't change life, I'd find it hard to give up a tea cosy hat.
Hope you enjoy Doctors.

Rosie said...

Rog:It would indeed be very difficult not to put on a tea cosy.

Eliz:I can still "see" a tea cosy from my childhood and we are talking well over fifty years ago, ha, ha.

letout:She doesn't wear the tea cosy anymore but the silk jackets are still on the go. I can't stop watching "Doctors". It's every sense of the word.