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Tuesday, 8 November 2011


The new music school is up and running. It used to be the old medical centre but has been transformed with gleaming wooden floors...a front door that locks itself automatically so the kids can't actually get in unless they run round the side of the building and rap on the shuttered windows. The doorbell doesn't work and there is only one set of keys for the building which houses two guitar teachers, a percussionist, and two pianists. Nobody will go down to the hardware store to get copies of the keys made because the local council says they are in charge of the building. Red tape makes me see red.


Purpletreebird said...

How annoying to not have easy access! I hope your guitar practise isn't sufferng? ;o)
Jess xx

Rosie said...

Jess: I haven't got into the rythmn of things yet. Only just new teacher for the group.

letouttoplay said...

Could someone steal the keys, copy them and then 'discover' the copies? Surely the council would never admit to knowing how many keys there are?

Or maybe a fire regulation could be invented which requires the council to have spare keys.

Rosie said...

letout:Latest news being one of the kids locked himself in , phoned the locals sports centre next door, someone came round with a chair and he climbed out the window.No health and safety here. Copying the keys without anybody knowing is perfect but nobody will do it!