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Friday, 4 November 2011

Hoppity Skip

The absence of the Invisible Wife is taking a sinister turn. She is still in town as it happens, and in the company of a Russian. Half past seven last night Henry pushes the doorbell and is swaying gently by the gate.
"Please come and remove bad lady from house?" he asks..
Bad lady is seated on Henry's porch surrounded by beer cans and small, old (but stern) man at her side. Henry reverts to his usual warcry of "RAUS HIER" but they remain stubbornly seated.
The bad lady is actually quite large and has a beer in one hand and a smoke in the other.
"Henry is asking you to leave," says Patrick at which point the bad lady explodes..."He stole my tobacco. He stole it!" She's shaking her frothing fist at Henry.
"The thing is," says Patrick. "The thing is...I don't care what you do but the guy who lives in that house over there is probably calling the Police right now because he gets very upset when Henry shouts."
"I see, " the old but stern man says thoughtfully..."In that case we are out of here. Goodbye Henry. Friends still?" He reaches out to shake Henry's hand...
Exit bad lady (still clutching beer can and swearing incoherently) and man. Small, black car takes off up the road. Henry shakes our hands profusely (second time this week).


ElizT said...

Gad! What a colourful life you lead.
Is Bad lady also Invisible Wife?

Rosie said...

No, no...I've never seen bad lady before and it's a small town here.